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WCARES Members

The following Washington County ARES members dedicate their time, skills, and equipment to serving their communities and Washington County EMA, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. There is no doubt that without those hams across the country meeting that primary FCC objective for amateur radio of providing backup emergency communications, amateur radio may not even exist, and if it did, our band priviliges would most likely be much reduced. If you are a resident of Washington County, Maine, and a licensed amateur radio operator and would like to join us, download the membership application at the bottom, fill it out, and mail it to Phil Duggan, 195 Kansas RD, Milbridge, ME 04658.

  1. Phil Duggan, N1EP, WCARES Emergency Coordinator
  2. Peter Stackpole, N1MLE
  3. Alan Andraeas, K1ALA
  4. Roger Holst, W1LH
  5. Philip Clement, KF1O
  6. Eli Brown, N1YPM
  7. Eric Lowell, W1EL
  8. Jon Dandridge, KC1EFW
  9. Tom Dwelley, W1DEY
  10. Maurice Mills, W1FWS
  11. Andrew Sankey, W1AXS, Hancock County EMA Director

WCARES Membership Application